Liquid Private Equity – A New, “Old Way” to Invest

Technology has dramatically changed the way we invest. Today, the focus of sophisticated investors is on massive diversification through the use of multiple asset classes across a variety of funds, with the dual goals of mitigating risk and reducing the costs and fees associated with investing. While providing smoother and more predictable results over a long period of time, this approach makes it difficult to capitalize on special opportunities in financial markets.

In the past, investors bought shares of specific, individual companies that were poised to grow, prosper, and of course provide returns. This paradigm has shifted significantly. Today, investors typically hire firms who, in turn, employ multiple third-party investment managers, resulting in a portfolio of dozens, if not hundreds, of securities.

Investors are left wondering: “What am I actually investing in?”

At Anchor Capital, we invest in companies – not stocks. This is why we call our strategy “a new, ‘old way’ to invest.” Our liquid private equity strategy whittles down the universe of small public companies, uncovering a handful that are undervalued and poised for extraordinary growth.

The Anchor Capital team – former business executives of both private and public companies – knows what to look for in potential investments. Anchor evaluates investment opportunities based on intensive fundamental research with a view toward long-term intrinsic value. The result is a selective portfolio of outstanding companies, minimal trading activity, and a proven track record of success.